The desire for highly controlled styles, clear messaging and colourful branding bring motion design services into their own. If you need to explain a concept, or you’re looking to describe a technical or business process, motion graphics and animation are great techniques for getting your message across. Our animators know how to deliver your key messages for maximum impact and clarity in a short space of time. With years of experience delivering successful animated films and presentations, we offer full support for all styles from concept to delivery for projects of all shapes and sizes.

  • Motion graphics animation
  • Infographics animation
  • Product animation
  • Logo Animation
  • Business and training

Pricing for Logo Animation

Starter, Standard, Premium, and Choice package animations are rendered in 2d (unless the 3d Saver add on is purchased). Hollywood and Fortune 500 package animations are rendered in 3d. Our logo animation packages include up to 3 revisions. Indicated delivery times are an estimate; actual turnaround time will vary based upon the number of current projects, the availability of our team, and the availability of the client to give feedback. An extra charge might apply if a client logo doesn’t meet our guidelines. Upon final approval, we typically send (1) high quality file and (1) low quality file. If for some reason we want to stop the project half way through, the “kill fee” would be 50% of the total cost.



HD and 2k
Up to 4 Seconds
NO Royalty Free Music, NO Sound Effects
Motion Artist
3 Business Day Est. Turnaround



HD and 2k
Up to 6 Seconds
Royalty Free Music, NO Sound Effects
Motion Artist
4 Business Day Est. Turnaround



HD and 2k
Up to 8 Seconds
Custom Music, Custom Sound Effects
Motion Artist, Sound Designer
1 Week Est. Turnaround



HD and 2k
Up to 10 Seconds
Custom Music, Sound Effects, Custom Art (2d)
Motion Artist, Sound Designer, Graphic Designer
2 Week Est. Turnaround

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