Whether it’s sales, rentals or holiday lets, video has become an important factor in influencing customers’ decisions.

Property video tours are the next best thing to a real-life viewing and complement the property’s existing photos to help build engagement and interest amongst web visitors.

Video tours help agents gain more instructions! Providing a video simply saves countless man hours taken up in unnecessary viewings, and is the perfect aid for attracting buyers from further afield and foreign investors.

We can produce a 2-minute video with navigation through each featured room as well as the arrival vista.


We usually charge around £400 for the production of a “basic tour” video. Meanwhile, our fees are determined by different factors such as these:

  • the total amount of filming time
  • the total amount of production time
  • the geography of your filming locations
  • the number of properties to be filmed in one day


The basic tour includes a liquid ‘fly through‘ to demonstrate the layout of the property and giving the viewer a sense that they are really ‘there’.  The camera operator will be on site for up to 3-4 hours to create your property video tour. The crew always film as many rooms as they can in this time, prioritising the most important features.

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