We need to have a high quality version of your logo (vector & layered if possible) in order to have a high quality end result. If the logo is not vector it might result in noticeable quality loss and will limit our options during the animation phase. Here is a little more information to understand what vector means.

Preparations: For the Logo

We prefer to have a layered vector file if possible. These are usually the original design files. One of the following formats usually work best: .ai, .eps, .pdf, & sometimes .psd.

The key difference between a vector and rasterized file, is the vector file will look good at any size. If a file was created from vectors (type, some illustrations, etc.) then it should be provided in a vector format. If a piece of text is saved as a jpeg the vector information is rasterized, or made into a bitmap image during the saving process. This does not apply to images such as photos which are automatically bitmap.

Preparations: For Additional Assets

If we add photos or videos to the logo animation we always want to work with the highest quality media to start with. If our final video is going to be in HD then the minimum size to fill the whole screen would be 1920×1080 pixels. If you open the media in a photo or video editing software program you should be able to check the resolution size in pixels easily.

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