Why a video is essential to promote your business?

The first and most obvious reason to choose video is because it grabs attention and creates trust.

It’s real, it’s human and it really gives something for people to connect to and also increases conversions by up to 80%. This is according to research done by UnBounce.

The second thing to consider is time. The average time spent on a website is around 6 seconds, which is remarkable considering that we are humans and not goldfish.

With a video on your website, people can become a lot more intrigued and they can spend a lot more time on your website. This can rise up to 2 minutes according to ComScore.

Think what can be achieved when somebody, a potential client can go from 6 seconds to 2 minutes on your website and what positive effect that can have.

Time also directly linked to your Google ranking. Google thinks that the more time you spend on a website for more quality that website is.

Another thing to consider when putting a video on your website is frequently asked questions. Video is a great way to solve a lot of people’s problems in a short, snappy and concise way.

If you can use a video to remove some of those obstacles, then people a lot more likely to spend time on your website and really get to know you and your company.

Good and bad news really does travel fast and videos are really, really shareable medium. Rather than sharing some content, some ideas, something really creative by inserting some text. Then use a video because it really will spread like Wildfire.

Recent data from marketing land shows that tweets with a video it actually increases retweet up to 28%.

So the next thing is the mobile Revolution video viewing on a smartphone is increased by over 500%. With this in mind let’s give the people what they want. It is one of the easiest ways to really get information across quick and concisely and get your point across.

Finally, a video is really fun and engaging, if you have a prospective client who is looking across 10 different websites, they’re not likely to remember the text-heavy ones, they’re likely to remember the ones with a really strong Brand and a really strong personality.

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